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About Us & Arduino Products

About Us – Arduino Products

The Store

First of all let us give you a tour about what kind of categories you can find in our robotic store.
Probably the most useful device for anyone that want to start building his own robots is arduino. In our robotic store you can found anything you need about arduino.

You can find Arduino accessories like  accelerometers, and adapters antennas, boxes and shellsbreadboards cables connectors and fans power jacks switches and wheels. These are the accessories that you will absolutely need to build a robot in Cyprus.

Also some other arduino products that you can buy from our store are component kits, development boards, diodes, Arduino IOT, modules, robot kits, sensors and starter kits.

About Us

Welcome to We are a team of enthusiastic hobbyists and geeks who decided to convert their common experience into this web store.
We hope you’ll like it as much as we do and have a great shopping experience here.
Our prime goal is to create a shop in which you can easily find whatever you need for your Robotics Project.
In our robotic store you can find a lot of categories of robotic products and accessories.

Now, what is arduino?

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Arduino is a board that has a chip on it that can be programmed to do many different things. You can read information for sensors. For instance if you want the board to read how bright it is in a room, you can use a photo resistor.


For example photo resistor is sensitive to light. Another example is if you want to detect when someone walks into a room with a motion sensor.  That’s just a small sample of the different kind of input that sensors provide. But what you can do with that data? Using output you can control devices or display and store data. For instance you can have your arduino simply blink an LED. You can also control the power to your AC devices like your lamps and appliances.

Arduino Projects

Let’s take a look at how an Arduino can play a role in a basic project. Let’s say you want your living room lights to turn off when you press play on your DVR or dvd players remote.

As a result you can enjoy your movie in the dark automatically. To make this happen we will need a sensor that can read the light that comes out of the remote control.

It looks like this and it’s called an infared sensor. And how we turn off the lights? We use the AC power controller, it plugs into your wall and you plug your lamp into it.

So how we do these work together? That’s where the Arduino comes in. Finally we will hook both of them up to the arduino pins and write some code to upload to the board.

Above all we are using free software in a very basic overview code that we upload to the board. We will be checking to see if the sensor has received any pulses of infared light from the remote.

If the pattern of flashes matches the pattern of flashes we know to be for play the arduino.

This will send the signal to the power switch tail to cut the power to the lamps.


Also we could then enhance the project so that when we hit stop or pause the lights turn back on. It’s just a matter of updating the code and uploading to the board. You can reprogram these boards over and over again. There is so much you can do with the Arduino. Is kind of incredible. You can learn more in arduino official website.

Robotics Cyprus

Who doesn’t love a robot? Arduino can help you make your own. It acts like the brains of your robots. That is just a small sample of what you can do with an Arduino.

So just jump right in and start playing around!

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